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Car Window Tinting

If you reside in Ventura County, you might want to consider tinting your car if you want a pleasant ride in California's scorching summer heat. Consider your vehicle's air conditioning equipment, in addition to the cooling effect tinting gives. Our expert car window tinting professionals will come out to your home and tint your windows for optimal comfort. Please contact us. In addition, we provide free mobile vehicle glass tinting and maintenance and also car window replacement services.

The practice of adding a thin laminate film to a vehicle's glass to darken it is known as window tinting. The reasons for tinting a car's windows are many. These might include privacy or security; UV protection, especially UVA, which causes skin cancer; minimising solar gain (interior heat) and so, increasing fuel efficiency progressively; and reducing sun glare. Of course, tinting a vehicle window may also be done for merely aesthetic reasons. It also helps that some people think tinted car windows are stylish, almost like celebrity-style sunglasses for your vehicle.

If you have a tinted glass with a little rock chip or crack, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. Minor window damage does not necessarily represent a serious danger to your safety, but it might leave tinted glass looking ugly.

Tinted Window Auto Glass Repair Procedure

Minor tinted window glass damage may usually be fixed, but the depth, size, and position of the damage ultimately decide whether or not repairs are feasible. With the exception of a few extra stages, the method of fixing tinted windows is almost comparable to that of restoring non-tinted windows. The following is how it works:

  • A technician carefully eliminates the tint from the damaged part of the window and carefully cleans it to ensure that no debris remains in the crevice.
  • The technician next injects a liquid resin filler into the chip or crack to properly seal the damaged area before applying fresh tinting film.

We highly advise against do-it-yourself vehicle glass repair due to the complexity of tint application. Seek a car glass repair professional who has worked with tinted vehicle glass in the past to get the finest outcomes. However, because of the extra labor necessary, tinted window repair prices may be greater than for non-tinted vehicle glass.

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